The Company

Uview Business Solutions is a provider of new online business solutions to companies and individuals who wish to grow their core business through the strategic and intelligent use of an online presence and online capacity. 

Uview also offers Soms Software Solutions to meet specific business requirements. With detailed understanding of the client's business, creative thinking and strategic planning, we endeavour to form working partnerships with our clients to produce new online solutions which fulfill their requirements.

Uview was established in 1994, and has been quietly toiling away in the engine rooms of its previous associate companies ..... Steerage Marine (For Sale - No longer Maintained), AISM (African International Shopping Mall) (Now Closed), ...... Providing an entire service to those sites and its potential customers..

The growth of the individual associate companies has finally forced Uview out into the open and provided it with both a face and a personality of its own ..........to look after the nitty gritty of Business Solutions, design, hosting, management and marketing .......... thus allowing the various subsidiaries to get on with what they do best: promoting and servicing the niche markets and client bases for which they were established.

Uview's outsourcing services pertain directly with Architectural Design services.